Subject Press article about Gyeongju city government award of the most outstanding travel agencies (December 1, 2013)
Author 관리자 Date 2015-06-05 15:23:41
2015-06-05 15:38:03


29th November 2013, in city hall conference room, Gyeongju city government awarded 15 the most outstanding travel agencies that has attracted the most foreign tourists in 2013 and delivered $40,000 of prize money.


In this award, Lotte JTV Inc. has occupied 1st position by attracting 4,700 tourists and received $9,000. BK Travel Agency Inc. that has attracted 4,300 tourists occupied 2nd position and received $6,000. And, Grow Tours Inc. that has attracted 3,800 tourists occupied 3rd position and received $4,000.


This award was based on the travel agencies that have connected more than 500 tourists to local accommodations.


Jo Namrip, the president of Gyeongsangbuk-do Tourism Association, and the representatives of local accommodation business has attended in this event and discussed about long-term tourism plan of Gyeongju city.


Jeong Gangsu, the deputy mayor of Gyeongju city stated, “We appreciate for your efforts to attract foreign tourists to Gyeongju city. Gyeongju city government has been establishing and restoring various tour spots and cultural assets in order to promote tourism culture of global scale”. And he asked for cooperation of tour business representatives.

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